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Dec. 21st, 2005

10:02 pm - best christmas present ever

rob gave me a puppy for christmas!!!! she is the cutest most adorable thing ive ever seen in my whole life. she's a puggle and her name is Lola. we got her from these nice people in tennessee so the only thing that sucked is she had to fly here...we picked her up at the airport :) i dont really know how to put pics on here but i have some on my myspace. in person shes way cuter too! we're parents haha. seriously it feels like that. anytime we go anywhere its like i have to pack her bag of shit. its fun though. im so excited to take her home to my parents for xmas too. ok this is a weird entry. maybe cuz its the first in like a year haha im just so excited and in love with her i can't stop thinking of her

Apr. 22nd, 2005

11:03 am - the worst thing....

i just saw this..........it seriously makes me so upset. im so glad i hate KFC already.


i dont know how to put video on here so theres the link if you're interested

ps. i passed my 2 sections of the test i took :)

Feb. 25th, 2005

11:10 pm

i got really bored tonight and finally put some of my pics up on a website. the link is in my aim profile....danznjenny7..... for those of you that dont know. (hopefully it even works) look if you like.....sweet dreams...

Feb. 22nd, 2005

01:23 pm - help?

how do you do a lj cut?

this will probably be friends only from this time on....i forgot on the last one haha

12:50 pm - oh great.....

so here i go again! i can't believe its been since october of last year that ive wrote in here...im lame. oh well.... so i dont even know what to write about anymore, lets see....without school it gets kinda boring. im going back. hopefully by this fall ill be in the teaching credential program. ive passed the CBEST now im scheduled to take the CSET in march and if i pass i can get right back in at my school. since i already have my degree it should only take a year...it would take less but my degree is in business marketing and that field isn't for me. i dont know what i was thinking. actually i think i was thinking just get me the hell out of college in 4 years, and it worked. but now i want something more...and a 'real' job maybe....that would be great...

I LOVE THE RAIN! its been so great having it rain everyday! except yesterday i was so scared....i was watching the news and they said there was a tornado warning for orange county and it was coming from newport and huntington.....thats waywaywayway too close to our place! like not even 10 miles. i was mostly scared for our cats.... i didnt want to go to work. i was such a baby actually. rob works mon-fri 8-5 so we're always up at 6:30 EVERY DAMN morning. then he leaves and usually its time for me to get ready for work...or go back to bed :) but anyways he left yesterday and then i heard the report and freaked out, called him crying, and he turned around to come home but then realized it wasn't even windy and told me to just calm down and dont worry cuz a tornado is not going to take down the condo and the cats. hahah thats what i was really afraid of...see how much of a nerd i was. i hate when that happens....its that time of the month so i guess im aloud to cry for dumb reasons? and what if it was really coming?

what else......we've been going to vegas kinda often. well 2 times this year and more coming up. robs bday and my best friends bday. didnt win any money.....shitty. lots of fun and alcohol though :) you gotta love vegas. ive been going to the gym which is amazing. i figure why just let my bank give 24 hr my money each month and not even go....haha. hhmmmmmmm what else.. oh yeah! we're getting a new kitten and im soooo excited! thats what we got for valentines day. we both had to work that day but he brought me home flowers and a cat 'build a bear' and we had already decided that we wanted another kitten, a boy this time. we have 2 girls....rob really wants a boy...what can you do.

i forgot how boring this could be to people reading it. maybe thats why i stopped writing....

i just remembered one thing i hate about the rain....it brings ants inside.

Jan. 21st, 2005

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Oct. 11th, 2004

10:39 pm

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Aug. 18th, 2004

09:48 pm - oohhh yes!

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Jul. 23rd, 2004

10:06 pm

today was me and robs 1 year anniversary....i can't believe it's already been a whole year! i am so so so so in love. he had roses delivered to me at work...since he's obviously out of town. we decided we were going to celebrate when he gets home and i really wasn't expecting anything since he's so far away so i was so surprised and happy when they came. they're so pretty.....red, pink, and white roses. so sweet. i cant wait for him to be back and all moved in with me!!! that is going to be the best. i love that we talk about it all the time....seriously all the time cuz then i know how excited he is also its awesome...the best feeling. it always makes me happy to think of us living together. i can't wait to go shopping for stuff for the condo!

tomorrow morning i get to have my mom for the whole weekend:) im so glad she's coming to visit me:) i just got home from work a little bit ago....i worked a normal 9-6 shift but then i had some stuff that i wanted to get done before tomorrow when my district manager gets there so i stayed to finish it up...but too bad it took me until 9 to leave! and yeah that is off the clock! by choice but still! oh well, its done and i love the people i work with so it was fine.

i need to go grocery shopping...im starving.

May. 20th, 2004

11:39 am

its nice to be so in love.......i love rob.......A LOT.....i love knowing how much he loves me back.......

i dont want him to leave next week :(

we had an awesome time in vegas!!!

damn im going to miss him........

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